There are common questions posed by patients visiting our Framingham dental office. Here are answers we have available for you.

Q: I experience dental anxiety. How can a dentist address this?

A: Dental anxiety is a common experience. There are several steps to manage this. You can contact the office and ask any questions you have. The staff will great pleasure in working with you and explaining why there is nothing to be concerned about. There is also sedation available, which can help numb you to any physical discomfort that may be experienced during treatment.

Q: How frequently should patients see a dentist?

A: The recommended amount of times to see a dentist is at least twice per year for standard check-ups and cleaning. The dentist will be able to detect and assess any issues early, which will lead to a more prompt response and treatment plan.

Q: How can I manage a missing tooth or toothache?

A: It is recommended to not ignore the problem. A toothache can only worsen and a missing tooth can cause the rest of your teeth to become misaligned. Schedule an appointment with your Framingham dentist as soon as possible if these conditions occur.

Q: What cosmetic treatment options are available?

A: There are numerous cosmetic dentistry services available to improve the aesthetic facets of your smile. These include veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, fillings, and more. Contact us today to discuss and determine your options.